Corporate Identity

When building a Web Application of any type, it is always important to make sure that it is easy for the user to identify the owner.

This is often refered to as including your corporate identity.

There are several ways to do this. The most comon being your company logo, typeface and colours within the structure of the application.
This helps the users of the application to register that they are still using your application and have not moved on to a different application.
It also helps customers to identify the owner of the application quickly and easily. It can also offer the user a level of comfort and security in identifying with the owner of the application.

Good examples of Corporate Identity being copied to web applications are:
Tesco (UK) - The company logo in the top corner and a good use of the blue and red company colours over the page. Links turn from blue to red when hovered over.
Nat West Bank (UK) - The company logo in the top corner again. The company typeface has been used throughout the page along with the white on purple colouring. Inc. - The logo in the top corner along with good use of the orange on white. Some of the links turn from light blue to orange when hovered over.
Transport My Vehicle (TMV) (UK) - A very noticeable use of white and blue throughout the site. The company font is used within the very bold header of each page. You can see in the photo that the blue and red used for the text on the lorry door, is also used on the colours of the web application.

Company LogoCompany ColoursCompany Typeface