Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual Learning Environments, (VLE), are one of educations biggest tools.

Schools worldwide are starting to invest in this new learning platform. Not only as a teachers resource within the classroom, but also for students when doing homework and assignments.

These web applications are like Content Management Systems, but are designed to support a learning environment. With intergration modules that support all the big registration systems such as CMIS, SIMS, iSAMS, etc. these packages will display personal student pages with timetables,

Moodle VLE
Firefly VLE
Fronter VLE
Frog VLE

Above are just four examples of some of the biggest names in the UK VLE market. Moodle, Firefly, Fronter and Frog are probably the most used within the UK. Moodle is the only Open Source option and has the biggest selection of plugins and modules.