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Prayer Request Form - The Prayer Network (http://prayernet.alturl.com)

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<script type="text/javascript">window.status="The Prayer Network"</script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.bksglobal.co.uk/pn/tools/pn.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
	var pnSURL = location.href; /* Retains the original URL for returning to this page */
	var pnFONTcolour = '000000'; /* 000000 */
	var pnTBACKcolour = 'F3F5FA';
	var pnFBOXcolour = 'FFFFFF';
	var pnBACKcolour = '3366CC'; /* 19CBC5 */
	var pnBORDcolour = 'FFFFFF';
	var pnBORDstyle = 'solid';
	var pnBORDwidth = 'thin';


Defenitions of script information:-
window.status - This is the text across the bottom of the form. Default text is 'The Prayer Network'.
src="http://www.bksglobal.co.uk/webtools/prayernet/pn.js" - Location of management script, hosted by us. Do not change or the process will fail.
var pnSURL - This returns the submitted form back to it's original website, do not change: location.href.
Below are the colours used on the form. These can be changed to help it match your own website.
var pnFONTcolour - Colour of the primary font. - Default: 000000
var pnTBACKcolour - The background colour of the status bar. - Default: F3F5FA
var pnFBOXcolour - The background colour of the text boxes. - Default: FFFFFF
var pnBACKcolour - The background colour of the form. - Default: 3366CC
var pnBORDcolour - The colour of the form's border. - Default: FFFFFF
var pnBORDstyle - The style of the form's border. - Default: solid
var pnBORDwidth - The width of the form's border. - Default: thin
pndisplay - Do not change as this passes all of the variables back to the source script, which builds the form.

Copyright Notice:
This code is free to anyone who wishes to place a prayer request box on their web sie. The service is run by The Prayer Network. Code developed by BKS Global Development.